In Mac mail I have most of my email accounts set up Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and Exchange (office365 hosted).

When I try to move any of my messages from the first 3 (all IMAP accounts) into my Exchange Folder (where I archive everything), it gives me the error can't move message.

Is there any solution?

  • Which is the exact error message?
    – Matteo
    Oct 7 '14 at 5:44
  • It may not answer the exact question you asked, but I use MigrationWiz - bittitan.com/products/#migrationwiz - when Mail gives me issues. In my professional experience, it's not worth the time it would take you to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Pay MigrationWiz like $12 and have them move what you want. Done. In the hours you'll save, you can make a lot more than that.
    – Harv
    Oct 7 '14 at 6:06

I don't know what is causing the error, but I can tell you where on the filesystem you can find your messages. Perhaps you can move them manually in Finder?

The default location for mailboxes is:


in Finder, choose Go To Folder from the GO menu or use the shortcut ⬆︎⌘G and paste that path into the dialog box. That folder should contain folders for each of your mail accounts, each containing mailbox folders with labels like INBOX.mbox which are simply folders themselves. You'll likely have to traverse down several levels of folders with arbitrary names before you reach a Data folder containing a Messages folder which is where you will finally find your email messages. Hope that helps you out.

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