My MacBook Pro drive died a few months ago. Thankfully it was fully backed up to an external with Time Machine. I seem to grab something from the backup every week from various libraries, but I now need to back up my new drive. I am cheap and do not want to buy yet another external especially as the older backup is a TB and nowhere near full. Does anyone know if I can use the old external with the old HD back-up as a back-up for the new drive without having to erase and reformat (i.e., keep the old HD back-up in tact)? Thanks in advance for a response.

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Yes, you should have no problem doing that. Simply tell Time Machine to backup to that drive, and Time Machine with create a new folder in the backups.db folder on your external drive. As far as Time Machine is concerned, your new backup will be as if it is from a different computer, even if you're using the same MacBook Pro with a new hard drive. Time Machine can handle backups from multiple computers to the same drive.

  • Thank you aswine...all is well in MacBook world. Backed-up and can still access old drive material.
    – Liz
    Oct 7, 2014 at 13:11

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