I would like to download a simple text file using Safari on my iPad and save it to iCloud Drive. However, there is no "Open in..." options in Safari to save to iCloud Drive.

I have an iPad2 with iOS8 and I have upgraded to iCloud Drive.

Then, I would like to be able to select this same file in iCloud Drive so that I can upload it to a website using Safari on my iPad2 on iSO8. Right now, the only files I can upload are from the camera roll or take a new picture/video.

Is this possible?


For anyone else who comes acros this question via Google or some other search engine, there is a way!

The most excellent app, Workflow, once again comes to the rescue. You can create a file downloading workflow that works perfectly:


I'm on iOS 9 and works great. I really need to pay attention to Workflow more - it really is the glue that solves many of the little niggling edge cases for iOS lacking what is easily done on a desktop.


I'm sorry, you can't manually upload files to iCloud from your iPad. You can only upload files to your iCloud Drive using a Mac.. OR any computer.

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