I'm using Apple Mail on OSX (Mavericks). Since I'm accustomed to use Gmail webmail, which shows labels behind each email, I'm looking for a way to show labels (see for instance picture below) in a similar way on Apple Mail.

Is it possible (I assume some plugin may exist)?
If not, are there other mail clients supporting this labels functionality (i.e. Mail for OSX Yosemite)?

Gmail label sample

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Take a look at MailTags from http://indev.ca/MailTags.html - it'll show Gmail Labels in a separate column.


Google uses Labels instead of folders, so in Apple's mail the messages with a given label will appear in a folder with that given labels name (assuming the Show in IMAP option is selected in Gmail's Labels setting for any given label).

If this doesn't work for you you may want to try out http://mailplaneapp.com for your gmail/os x needs.

  • Maybe the question is not clear: my purpose is to show labels next to each email, as in the picture.
    – auino
    Commented Oct 4, 2014 at 6:30

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