I use Command+Shift+4 to capture screenshots on my MacBook Pro with a Retina display.

I'd like to paste these captures immediately into another app I'm using. The problem I'm encountering is the resolution is so high, I have to first load them into an image editing app and scale them down 50%.

I was wondering if there was some system config to control the scaling of screen captured images automatically to save me the extra step?


I just ran into this exact issue the other day. Try RetinaCapture: it's a free app that captures screenshots in both 1x and 2x simultaneously (or, alternatively, just one or the other). And it's a "true" 1x capture: it redraws at 1x rather than taking the 2x version and scaling it down.

It also supports the same types of captures as the built-in Grab.app – full screen, timed screen, selection, or window – and you can save either to the clipboard or a file.

  • Looks like it's now U.S. $5 rather than free. – dbreaux Dec 8 '16 at 11:39

Try the "RetinaCapture" app - www.retinacapture.com/

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