I recently purchased a Western Digital MyCloud NAS device. I'm wondering if there would be a problem with using it for backups with Time Machine on a Mac mini (late 2012) running OS X 10.9.5. Is there anything I should know?

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According to what I read there should not be any problems.

By default, the server comes with three public share folders called Public, SmartWare, and Time Machine Backup. As the names suggest, the Public folder is for storing public data, and the other two are for backups of Windows and Mac machines, respectively.

As soon as the device is plugged in, all of these public folders are available to all connected devices in the home network. From a Windows computer, you can browse for these share folders and copy data (such as digital content) over. Macs will immediately see the My Cloud as an available destination for Time Machine backup and the My Cloud will also appear on Finder. All DLNA-enabled network media player devices, such as the WD TV , will also immediately find the content stored on the My Cloud for streaming purposes.

Source: http://www.cnet.com/products/wd-my-cloud-2-tb/

Here are some instructions how to set it up.

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I've had the same issues as Evert. I have now given up and pulled the plug on my WD My Cloud. Although I have seen that some people are getting on okay with it, most of what I have read concurs with my own finding. It is no good as a time machine back up. It is terribly slow. My last successful back up, which added approx 250gb to my already backed up 1.25tb took 7 days. Prior to the verification messages now encountered I would wait a day or two to get passed the 'Preparing data' message. I can no longer even access the wd my drive as a timemachine and it no longer recognises the info, even though the amount of space on the WD cloud drive indicates the backed up info is still on there. I am converting back to a usb external hard drive. I would recommend buying anything rather than the WD MyCloud if using it with a MAC.


I've had very negative experiences with it. It works for a while, but then Time machine will always complain that verification failed and has to re-create the entire backup from scratch every time. There appear to be others with the same issues as well, so I would not recommend this for Time Machine. Very possible that the issue is on Apple's end though.


In practice, it keeps on crashing my backups, and I have to delete them so often, that I would advise NOT to buy one....


I searched for evaluations like this before purchasing, but not searchingly enough, I guess.


Western Digital's own syncing and backup to the NAS software is pretty cool so far.


After purchasing in January, 2016 with the latest software updates, I experienced glacial Time Machine performance with hours and hours spent preparing backups. Then when I got a full Time Machine backup, Time Machine refused to recognize the Time Machine share on the NAS.

Buyer beware!

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