I know I'm going to hit myself when someone tells me the answer, but I set the Default Printer on my Mac, and wish I hadn't. Previously, it would default to the last printer used, which was great. Now I can't find a way to unset the default printer to get back to the last printer used state.

FWIW, I'm on a Mac OS X 10.9.5 - Mavericks.

Command line solutions welcome too...


Go to System PreferencesPrinters & Scanners and set Default printer to Last printer used.


I knew I would hit myself, but I Just found my answer. It's right there in the preferences dialog near the bottom. I was too focused on the list of printers on the left. Will delete my own question in just a second.

  • fair enough - just embarrassed that I asked such a silly question. – crimson-egret Sep 29 '14 at 19:34

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