I am looking for a text editor that supports HTML5 and CSS3, allowing you to add/edit new properties, like rounded corners and so.

It doesn't have to be a visual editor but it has to have support for CSS3 and other new stuff like rounded corners.


I use Espresso on a daily basis. You'll need to the HTML5 sugar and the CSS3 sugar to get the code completion.

Espresso also have a preview functionality that helps a lot in developing a page with minute differences.


There are two all-in-one solutions specialised for web development: Coda from Panic and Espresso from MacRabbit. Both have their pros and cons, just try them out and see which fits better for your needs. Hype is going through the news recently, but is more tool to create interactive and flashy HTML5 sites (as far as I understood it).

  • For example I was not able to find the support for rounded corners in Coda. – sorin May 25 '11 at 15:15
  • Unfortunately, there's still no new version of CSSEdit with CSS3 support, but if rounded corners are the only problem, you can use one of dozens web generators, for example: cssround.com. – Patrick May 25 '11 at 17:39

If you have Textmate, there's are CSS3 bundles available.


For HTML5 there's a new App, called Hype which seems to be very interesting (see the videos).

For CSS Specific stuff, I had great success with CSSEdit from MacRabbit, but I'm not a graphic designer so my success is very limited in that area :)


Please use "Visual Studio Code". This is simple to use and you can switch from mac to windows and vice-versa without problem. There is a lot of extensions to write code without error and faster. Many tutorials and projects are coded on Visual Studio Code. Many firm use it.

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