After installing the iOS 8.0.2 update I am unable to send email. I can open amd receive but not respond. Here is the message I receive. Unable to deliver mail. An error occurred while divering this message. Can anyone advise me on how to correct this problem. I did not have problems until the update to 8.0.2 this afternoon.

  1. Try to reset network settings.
  2. If that does not work then try deleting your mail account from device, then add it back & restart device.

Try the following suggestions:

  • Check if you've access to internet (or change the network).
  • Reboot the device by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears.
  • Check if you've your Mail configured in Settings correctly.
  • Check your authentication details and server if it's correct.
  • Check 'Use SSL' option if it's required or not for the e-mail.
  • Use different app for mailing (such as GMail).

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