I wasn't particularly worried about Shellshock until I learned that a malicious DHCP server may be able to exploit my DHCP client to run arbitrary code on my system. It's not clear to me whether Macs are vulnerable, but if so, I want to fix it ASAP.

That said, the version of /bin/bash on my Mac is code-signed by Apple.

$ spctl --verbose --assess --type execute /bin/bash
/bin/bash: accepted
source=Apple System

If I follow these instructions and replace Apple's /bin/bash with one that I compile myself (hence not code-signed by Apple), am I setting myself up for trouble?

  • You could get a developer ID and sign the re-compiled bash as yourself. – adib Sep 7 '15 at 15:10

Macs don't use Bash for DHCP, so that particular vulnerability does not apply. Unless you run a vulnerable web server or have restricted remote access accounts, it's not worth the trouble to recompile Bash on OS X.

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    I wasn't sure whether Macs use Bash for DHCP. Glad to hear they don't! – Tim Ruddick Sep 26 '14 at 19:07

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