I'm just moving my coding work from Windows to mac os x. It's really difficult to get used to the ctrl and command key behavior at beginning.

Then I tried bind ctrl + C to Copy function instead of command + C in eclipse preferences setting. The setting was saved but took no effort. When I press ctrl + C on text and then pasted it, nothing happened.

I also don't want to switch the function of Ctrl and Command because many terminal operation still need the original Ctrl function.

Does Ctrl+C conflict with some system shortcut?

Could anybody tell me how to fix this? Or are there any better approaches?

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    My advice is : If you work on a Mac get used to use Command instead of Ctrl. It will save you a lot of pain (and you'll get access to a lot of new keyboard shortcuts) – Matthieu Riegler Sep 26 '14 at 8:48
  • @MatthieuRiegler Thanks for your advice. I'll try. A further question, what should I do if I want a PgUp or PgDn function? – Weibo Li Sep 26 '14 at 15:47

Yes, there are better approaches. Open:

System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts

Highlight the App Shortcuts on left pane. You will see a list of apps on the right. Click the Plus sign and then select Eclipse for the app, type the menu item, type your new keyboard shortcut and you are done:

Here is what you need  to do

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If you are looking for a system-wide solution, you can simply remap the keyboard modifier keys, by going to System Preferences, Keyboard, and then "Modifier Keys", as shown in the screenshot below.enter image description here

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