I have an iPhone 5 and just installed the new iOS 8 update, however I am suffering from a couple of problems:

  • I can't connect to any Wi-Fi and in Settings I cannot even get the push button to move to turn on Wi-Fi.

  • When I start to write a text and turn my phone side ways the screen goes black for several seconds then when it comes back only a few letters on the keyboard will work however most will not. If I tilt my phone to the upright position it works.

How can I fix these problems?

  • Hi Kim, welcome to the site! I think you mean WiFi on iOS 8 is broken? If so, can you edit your question so that others who can possibly fix your problem can find it more easily? – webmarc Sep 25 '14 at 19:29
  • YFi is a application from a Integrated Design Tools, Inc! – Ruskes Sep 25 '14 at 19:32

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