I need a program for editing moves, specifically, only MOV files. Only simple editing required - cropping, splitting, trimming, etc. One requirement is that the program does not re-render the video file, since such changes generally do not need this.

A good example would be QuickTime X trimming facility - you can trim a huge MOV file and it will save it in seconds, because it will not render it again.


QuickTime Pro 7 is still around, and can do quite a bit to .mov container files natively. You can select, copy and paste video, extract streams, etc. They removed a TON of features from QuickTime X in the interest of making it prettier and more "user-friendly."

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  • I thought they just have not yet re-coded those features for 64 bit. Nothing to do with making it pretty or user-friendly. Nevertheless I still use QuickTime Pro 7, even if it is only for 32 bit architecture. – GEdgar Aug 20 '11 at 18:24
  • If they do indeed add all of the features of QuickTime 7 back into QuickTime X (and likewise with iMovie HD/'08 and Final Cut Pro 7/X), I will be very pleased, to say the least. I think the "user-friendly" argument is pretty solid however, especially in light of iMovie ditching the timeline and going with more visual-oriented clip selection methods, and how QTX is exactly like the iPhone's new movie editing interface. – NReilingh Aug 20 '11 at 18:55

Yes, use QT Pro 7, and when you save the file, don't save the file as a self-contained movie, save it as a reference movie. It will take a lot less time. Note that you will need to keep all the original files for the reference movie to work.

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