So, what is the "Master Device" in Multi-output device? Cause I'm trying figure out how MIDI Aggregate Devices work, I need to now what is it.


MIDI system needs to know who is the master.

It is for the master volume adjustment when you have multiple output devices.

Each output device can have its own volume adjustment preset, but the master volume will control overall Volume.

The MIDI has 2 options to set up:


The Create Multi-Output is self explanatory.

The Aggregate is:

You can combine several audio devices to use as a single device, known as an “aggregate device.” By aggregating devices, you can increase the number of discrete audio inputs and outputs without purchasing more expensive multichanneled audio equipment. For example, if you have an eight-channel audio device and a two-channel audio device, you can combine them to work as a single ten-channel audio device.

For the aggregate device to work correctly, the sample rates of the combined devices in the aggregate device must be set to the same sample rate.

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