In iOS 7, the Photos app has 2 default folders for pics.

  • Camera Roll
  • My Photo Stream

In iOS 8, the default folders is now:

  • Recently Added
  • Recently Deleted

How do you manage what's on Photo Stream and what's on your device?




while Camera Roll is gone, its photos are not. They've simply moved over to a different location in the Photos app: Collections. Collections, which organizes all of your photos by date and location, is Apple's attempt at making photos more organized and searchable.

It appears that PhotoStream has gone & only the last 30 days will be stored by default.


to delete the pics from just your photostream, follow these steps....it works for me....lame though.....i wish they would give you the option to just have a friggin "camera roll" and "photostream"....

  • Take a photo with one iDevice
  • Check to see it in the Recently Added on both iDevices
  • Delete it on one device (goes to Recently Deleted on that device)
  • Check Recently Added on the other device to see if it is gone
  • Check Recently Deleted on the other device to make sure it doesn't show up there
  • Restore the deleted photo from the Recently Deleted folder so it shows back up in Recently Added
  • Check the other device to make sure it doesn't reappear in that device's Recently Added

boom.... :)

  • now instead of two steps....you have seven......grrrrr... – Der Faust Oct 12 '14 at 19:22

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