I have successfully routed my built-in microphone's audio to a Google Hangout through AU Lab via Soundflower, and want to do the same with Facetime. Using the same settings as with the Google Hangout seem to be unsuccessful. The setup for Hangouts is as follows:

  • AU Lab document with Built-in Microphone being routed to 'Soundflower 2ch'
  • In Google Hangout settings, setting the "Microphone" field to 'Soundflower 2ch'
  • In System Preferences, setting Output tab to the default (Headphones / Built-in Output).

This does the trick for Hangouts, but Facetime doesn't appear to be picking up audio from Soundflower. Would there be a reason for this? Does Facetime not interact with system audio in the same way?

I am on the Mid-2014 model MBP with OSX 9.4, Soundflower 1.6.6, AU Lab 2.2.2, and the most recent Facetime.

  • Anyone have an update on this? I have a 3 mic setup with soundflower and logic pro, and the phone call works just fine with the facetime app routing out the sound to SoundFlower (2ch) but as the same issue above, the computer sound that is routed thru SF doesnot push other sounds to the phone call. – JayRizzo Jul 4 '18 at 6:20

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