I'd like to add Courier New to my Font Book "Web" Collection:

Web Collection

I go to the "All Fonts" Collection and search "Courier New":

All Fonts Collection

After dragging Courier New into the "Web" Collection nothing happens:

Web Collection

How can I add Courier New to the "Web" Collection? I'm running OS X 10.9.4.

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This is not really an answer but these questions may help you narrow down the issue and ultimately resolve the issue.

  1. After the Drag & Drop operation is complete, does the font show in Web collection ?
  2. If it shows, does the font have any Yellow Exclamation mark on it ?
  3. If yes, try repair it
  4. If you do not see the font there, Right Click on Web Collection and Click Add fonts, then locate the font in Fonts folder from System Library or Local Library

Deleting the "Web" Collection, creating a new "Web" Collection and dragging in the required fonts from the "All Fonts" Collection solved the issue for me.

Hope this helps anyone else who gets stuck on this like I did.

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