I've bunch of scan of receipts, the one that are printed on thermal paper which you get from any supermarkets and these were taken on the dark background. I'd like to auto-crop them in batch via some tool, to not include the background.

I'm looking for app or tool for batch auto-crop of receipt-like pictures taken either for iOSX or OSX.


On OSX/Linux you can try with ImageMagick command-line tools (e.g. Trimming 'Noisy' Images -- Scanned Images).

Alternatively you can try Scan Tailor (at GitHub), an interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages (installation via Homebrew: brew install scantailor). Convert the images either from ScanTailor's GUI interface or from the command-line (Run: scantailor --help for help).

Check similar Q&A for Windows/Linux: Auto-crop black margins dynamically of scanned images?

For iOSX app (also available for OSX), you can try Evernote, so you can take a picture of documents or business cards (including OCR), and the app can auto-crop it (based on the content).

Other apps include: Receipt Bank, Expentory, Xpenditure, Kagazz.

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