How to uninstall this Samsung DisplayLink USB display driver for Mac OS X?

I had some trouble doing this, so I figured I could share it, it might be useful to someone.


Get the DMG file you used to install

I personally used this one:

Mount it

A double click in the finder should do it

Extract the setup package

This will create a temp folder on your desktop that you may remove at the end of the procedure.

cd ~/Desktop/
mkdir tmp
cd tmp/
tar xf /Volumes/Samsung_Smart_Station_CA750/Setup.app/Contents/Resources/Installers/Samsung_Smart_Station_Lion_10_7.pkg 

You can/should replace the pkg file with the latest that matches your OS (tested here with the "Lion 10.7" package on Yosemite 10.10, it worked).

Unpack the display driver setup package

cd sgfx1072.pkg
cat Payload | gunzip -dc |cpio -i

It replied 20340 blocks on my setup.

Uninstall the Display Driver

Now we're done, you can either browse with the finder or run this:

open Applications/SMSC/SGFX\ Uninstaller.app

Your machine will reboot free of this driver.
You may now remove the tmp folder that lays on your desktop.

Special thanks to this answer that helped me unpack the pkg files: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11298855/how-unpack-and-pack-pkg-file

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