We have a Macbook Pro 15 Last 2011. The computer starts to boot, it shows the progression bar, then it disappears and the circle just spins.

enter image description here

I have tried safe mode and it just spins.

I just ran the hardware test and it returned no problems - I am trying to boot into safemode now

enter image description here

This screen has been running for 15 minutes now - Eventually the grey bar disappears and it just spins

EDIT:: I booted in startup mode and chose the disk utility - It said the HD was fine :(

EDIT:: I am able to boot from a external thunderbolt drive

Ran in verbose mode. Last couple of lines after rebuilding b-tree:

The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired

launch_msg(): Socket is not connected

If you are able to boot from external drive, then your boot sector has a problem (obviously).

Using the cmd+v will boot in Verbose mode if you care to investigate where it hangs up.

Using the cmd+r and restoring os is the best option here.

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