On Google Maps for iOS (version as of the time of writing), I can save offline maps using the hidden trick described here. This works fine. However, Google Maps also wants to update offline maps periodically (every 30 days, I think). It has an irritating habit of popping up a dialog asking for this when I'm not on WiFi (when I don't want to update, because 3G is slow and expensive). I normally cancel the dialog (I'm in the middle of doing something), but I can't find a way to force the update when I'm back on WiFi later in the day. This means I get the same irritating pop-up the next day.

Is there a way to force or manually trigger the updates to the offline maps?

(this is on an iPhone 5s, if it matters).


It is almost one year after your post, but with the current version of Google Maps I have:

In Google Maps, go to the Menu, Select "Your places" > scroll down to "Offline maps" section

  • Excellent, thank you! That looks good. – Andrew Ferrier Sep 4 '15 at 12:37

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