I'm trying to remap the caps lock key of a wireless aluminum Apple keyboard and am having a delay on release (not activation). That is to say, if I hold down the caps lock key after remapping, it will act like the key is pressed for a short period even after I release it. The longer the key is held, the longer this behavior happens.

I'm trying to remap it to ctrl but have the same problem with cmd.

I've found a lot of posts talking about an activation delay, but this is different than my problem.

I've tried the built in remapping as well as Seil, and both have the same problem.

  • If this only happens on the caps lock key it could be because Apple has setup this key to have a lag that prevents someone from pressing it by accident, in this case perhaps there is a conflict... If you try using another key and it works fine I would suggest that it's a conflict with this behaviour Apple has added to the caps lock key Jul 10, 2015 at 2:46

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You can achieve this with Keyboard Maestro, or probably an alternative.

  1. Disable Caps Lock in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard > Modifier Keys system prefs
  2. Create a Keyboard Maestro macro that is triggered by "This device key:" and set it to trigger when the Caps Lock key is released.
  3. Add whatever action you want to remap it to—if I understand your question correctly, you'd want to add "Type Modifiers" and set it to Control. keyboard maestro

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