I'm new to using Xcode. When I started using Xcode a couple of weeks ago I had a file list to the left and had three tabs open for different files. I'm not sure if that was a default setting or not.

This morning there was an update to iTunes. I could not update it without closing Xcode. Before if I opened a new tab it would open the same file that was in the other tab. All I had to do was open a new file and it would open in the active tab. Now when I open files they open in a new window.

I have done online searches but they are for previous versions of Xcode.

How do I set up my preferences where a file list displays to the left as before and open files in new tabs instead of new windows?

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    Do You open file by double or single click? Double click opens file in new window/tab (depending on prefs), single click opens it in active tab. Commented Sep 10, 2014 at 14:26

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Left column in Xcode is called Navigator. You can show/hide it with +0 (Zero), or in the upper right window corner, see image: enter image description here

In the Navigator there are dfferent tabs (Project Navigator, Symbols Navigator etc.). To see list of files in Your project You need to select Project Navigator or press +1.

To open file in current tab, single click on it in Navigator. If You double click the file, it would open in new window/tab. You can change the behaviour of double click in Preferences... -> Navigation -> Double Click Navigation.


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