Does iWork '08 have a sumifs type command? If not, how can I sum on multiple conditions? Essentially how do I fo the following:


many thanks!

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Numbers 09 has the SUMIFS function, which operates the same as in Excel. Numbers 08 does not appear to have it, but it has SUMIF.

You should still be able to do what you are trying by combining two logical statements.

Without using the function, you could also build a new column by multiplying values by a logical statement. For example:

=A3 + A4 × (B4>2) 

This will only add A4 if B4 is greater than 2...

Or in your example, make a column using AND:

=A2 x AND(B2<10,exact(C2,"female))

Then sum that column. Values that don't meet both criteria will be zero.


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