Thanks to this question: Customize accents when holding down a key

I know understand how to customise the press and hold app a bit to letters. But I'm wondering, could I do the same trick for other keys. For example if press the > (shift + .) I would like to get a pop up where I can choose to select → or ≥. Would that be possible ?

  • Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm also hoping to extend press and hold to characters other than letters.Specifically the ? key to get ¿. This is standard behavior on the iphone, but oddly enough it's not consistent on Mac OSX El Capitan. – adamlogan Jan 3 '16 at 4:17

Okay, I think it is not possible, therefore I've made this little html app, that mimics the OSX app:


You can find a demo here:http://embed.plnkr.co/jNA28BBb2JFAccPPX61p/preview

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