I'm trying to install windows 7 with bootcamp. I get the following message, after mounting windows image (.iso)

Insert your Windows installer disc and wait a few seconds for the disc to be recognized.

I did the same thing on the imac and it was fine, but now, on the macbook, osx seems not to recognize the dvd.

Do you know could I fix this problem?

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You cannot use an ISO image with the Boot Camp Assistant. It only allows a disc, as:

  1. You need to install it outside of Mac OS X
  2. You cannot mount an image when Mac OS X is not running
  3. Mac OS X's EFI bootloader only accepts physical storage media

Thus, you can only use a disc. To burn the ISO to a CD/DVD, mount the image, open disk utility, insert a blank disk and click on burn. After burning the disc, you should be able to use it for Boot Camp.


Try booting up the iso image from a harddrive?

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