Obsessed with how much space left in Macbook Air 128GB SSD, I find myself frequently checking the storage information by going to "About this mac" ==> "More info" ==> "storage".

Is there a shortcut to do that? keyboard shortcut or desktop shortcut for example.enter image description here


The bottom of any Finder window if you toggle Show Status Bar from the View Menu...

View Menu

Will then add this to the bottom of the window [It's selected on a per window basis, as far as I can tell]

Status Bar

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  • That helps, but i want to have the same storage window, just accessing it more quickly. (btw, I would have upvoted your answer, but the website tells me I must have over 15 points to upvote..) – YSF Aug 31 '14 at 13:15

There were a few suggestions here - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17472800/how-can-using-applescript-show-about-this-mac

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