Ever since I restored my Mac from a Time Machine backup to return from Yosemite to Mavericks, things have been a mess. I fixed everything but iCloud sync, which seems to be an impossible issue. It simply refuses to sync. The files are always "Waiting", no matter what I do. I've deleted the Ubiquity folder, replaced the Mobile Documents folder, run killall -9 ubd, rebooted about 20 times, and so on. Any other ideas out there?

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Upgrading to iCloud Drive is a one-time, irreversible action. You can not go back from iCloud Drive to Documents & Data—your Apple ID has been permanently upgraded.

Migrating to iCloud Drive will disable Documents & Data syncing for your iCloud account on OS X Mavericks and earlier Macs, as well as iOS 7 and earlier devices.

Source: OS X Yosemite release notes

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