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I am new to managing Macs. We currently have a lab, and probably plan to create more labs in an enterprise style solution. In the lab, we would like to have a "default profile" created for users who log in.

The users are AD users, and the Macs are bound (binded?) to AD; users can log in fine.

I would now like to modify the dock to display specific installed applications. I then want this dock to be the default dock for any users that log in.

Ideally, I would also like to use this default dock on other machines in the lab, so if there are some files I can transfer to the other machines and a command to run to apply the settings, that would be perfect. Ideally I will be Apple or Bash scripting the entire process (currently Bash scripting the AD bind, default background, apple ID sign-in removal, etc).

We have no management servers. We will be using Deep Freeze for the time being, so there is no problem with users modifying their dock; users will have permissions to mess around.

I have found answers for pre-Mavericks, where it seems to be a case of copying a couple of files which would have been perfect, but it seems Mavericks does it a little differently and I can't find a straightforward answer.

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Your Question should be answered here :

OSX 10.8 - How to keep a custom dock for all users that login

Basically, you create your dock in your account, copy the .plist from ~/Library to the System Template Lib and your're done.

  • All information I had found on the forums said that this would no longer work. On closer inspection, it was referring to the more aggressive caching and so a reboot was required... so thanks for pointing to this. – MrBeatnik Aug 29 '14 at 11:14

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