So I recently discovered that most bus stops have a code. If you text that code to a specific phone number, you'll get a response telling you the ETA of the next bus to that stop. I saved the phone number in a contact card and I saved all my frequent bus stop codes stored as a note in that card.

It's a little cumbersome to go into the card, copy the code, open a new text, paste the code, and hit send. If I remember the code, I can just use Siri and say something like "Tell the bus company 123456". It's a lot easier to just remember the cross-street names.

Is there a way to either have Siri make a substitution, say for example "Grant Street" with "123456", or else is there a way I could have a canned text all ready to go? One thought I had would be to create a home screen icon called "Grant Street" that when launched, sends "123456" to the bus company's phone number. Then I could just say "Launch Grant Street" or something and I'd get back the text saying when the next bus is.

Any ideas?


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There are apps that do this, see Canned.

Really what you need (and I use) is a transit app of some kind. I like Transit.

I can't think of a way to get Siri to do this. One workaround is to make keyboard shortcuts so that you type "LGS" and iOS will autocorrect it to "123456".

  • I had tried the keyboard shortcut thing and when I use Siri, it doesn't replace the shortcut. :( There is a website for the NJ Transit stop time functionality, but it's about 10% reliable whereas the texting thing is about 95% reliable (i.e. text returns an accurate ETA 95% of the time, but their website only yields an accurate time about 10% of the time). I sent feedback requesting an app be made. They said they're working on one. I'll check out Canned & Transit. Thanks
    – hepcat72
    Commented Jan 5, 2015 at 18:59

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