I am using keynote 2009 and I want all my slides to have the font-family "Courier". I tried playing with master slides but when I create a new slide it defaults to "Gill Sans".

Any help is appreciated.

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You can change the Master Slide to get the fonts you want, and if you’d like this to be the default, then you can save this out as a Theme.

(Caveat: I only have iWork ’11 in front of me, but I believe it's the same, for iWork ’09).

(i) Adjust font for a single presentation

  1. Open the complete set of Master Slides. View > Show/Edit Master Slides.

  2. Find the Master Slide(s) that corresponds to slides that you’ve used in your presentation. Open the Fonts panel (Format > Font > Show Fonts, or the Fonts item in the toolbar).

  3. Select everything in the slide (Edit > Select All, or ⌘A), and then, in the fonts panel, select Courier instead of Gill Sans.

  4. Repeat for every Master Slide you need.

  5. Create a text box and format it with the font/style you want. Then select it and choose Format > Advanced > Define Text for All Masters.

(ii) Adjust font of a theme for all future presentations based on this theme

Create a blank slide show with the chosen Theme, make these edits on every Master Slide. (Every slide should now have Courier instead of Gill Sans as the default font).

Then save this out as a new Theme (File > Save theme…) to avoid overwriting the default. Call it something descriptive, like Courier Black, and just save it.

Now, next time the Theme chooser pops up, you’ll be able to choose your Courier Black variant, which will have Courier as the default.

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I hope you get to read this - the others were really not the best advice IT IS MUCH MUCH SIMPLER

Select a MASTER text box and change it's font. Format > Advanced > Define Text for Current Master or Define Text for All Masters

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    "master text box" means any text box on any master slide. Apr 20, 2015 at 18:14

Most answers and tutorials are outdated due to software updates. Simpler way is to search from Help.

  1. Go to "Help" from top-bar
  2. Search "Replace Font"
  3. Follow procedure
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Apple Anonymous May 2, 2014 12:37 PM in response to Sullivans in Kansas City

I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! Pay it forward, pass this along.

The easiest way to change ALL fonts on EVERY slide of the ENTIRE slide show AT ONCE: (for Keynote)

  • "View"

  • "Show Document Warnings"

  • Click "Description" Box (so all words, symbols, etc. listed become highlighted)

  • "Replace Font" tab will become ungreyed

  • Click, "Replace Font"

  • Select the font you want the slideshow to be replaced with



Drag your altered master slide over the new slide with the incorrect font. When you make a new slide, have one whose master slide has the desired font selected.


Solution in 2024:

  1. Menu bar > View > Edit slide layouts.
  2. Click through slide layouts and change to desired font everywhere.
  3. Menu bar > View > Exit slide layouts.

The best way, ditch Keynote and buy Microsoft office powerpoint.

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