I really love typing in TextEdit. It seems to correct all my typos and so saves time in editing.

Is there anyway I can get this functionality to work in all applications, especially on Google Chrome's text fields.

I've searched everywhere, but I can only find articles about Chrome's own built in Auto Correct (which isn't available on the Mac yet).

OS X 10.9

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TextEdit's autocorrect is actually OS X's autocorrect, which is used in every system text box in the OS, in every application, including 3rd-party applications.

The problem comes when apps use their own text boxes—they then have to implement NSSpellChecker themselves. Whilst the Google Chrome issue relating to this seems to suggest that nothing has changed, my limited testing seems to suggest that it has been implemented in Canary.

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in Canary. But at least there is an issue raised, so I guess the only option is to wait....
    – big_smile
    Aug 31, 2014 at 11:05

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