I sometimes need to convert SVG files to a different format. Thus far I tried Inkscape and Imagemagick. I first tried to use Inkscape, but it failed to produce useable results (possibly because of the size and complexity of the graphics I was trying to convert). Inkscape is thus a no go for me. I then installed Imagemagick by Homebrew. It did work but I just could not help cringing at the amount of useless bloat it would pull on. Today's update though installed the n-th implementation of Python -- I already have the native OS X version (Python 2.7.5) and Anaconda Python, which allows me to run Python 3 in its own self contained environment. Call me OCD but getting a completely unrequested third instance of Python convinced me that Imagemagick had to go (and did, I removed it and all associated bloat). Now unfortunately I am without means of converting SVG files. I can, and will, do my best to avoid the damned things, but it would be helpful if anybody can suggest a self contained and unbloated alternative that I can use should the need arise.


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