This is really frustrating. Occasionally, my work requires me to upload a photo from my iPhone (ios7) to a clients PC or Mac. I used to simply email it to my Gmail account and download it from the web but for whatever reason I can no longer do this (seems I can no longer email something to my self via Mac mail).

I've got Photostream set up but I cant access it via iCloud - theres just no photo option.

Obviously my clients PCs dont always have iPhoto (which is a huge pain to use anyway).

Why isnt there a simple way to transfer a photo from my phone to a computer via Bluetooth or USB?

Is there just a simple, non-proprietry software solution for transferring just 1 photo between devices?

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You can email it as an attachment to another email address. For emailing single photos, I got around this problem by setting up a secondary email account and emailing it to myself there. Then I checked the email account from my laptop. For multiple pictures, I had to use a windows machine (Windows 7). I just plugged the iphone into the PC's USB and it worked, reading it as a data drive.

It may also work to save it as an attachment in a draft message. Then synch accounts and look in the drafts folder of your computer.


I would recommend Pushbullet. You can send just about any message or file between a phone and a computer extremely simply. The catch is that the receiver of the pushbullet must have the Pushbullet chrome extension installed.


The most efficient way would be to use Box or Dropbox. If you're looking for a "just works" solution, iCloud drive in iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite would also work.

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