Company A has an Apple Enterprise Developer account and distributes "in-house" iOS applications signed with its account key. Likewise, Company B does the same with its own in-house apps.

Is it possible to install a Company A enterprise-signed app and a Company B enterprise-signed app on the same iOS device? Or are iOS devices restricted to apps from at most one Enterprise Developer? Can someone point to Apple documentation that addresses this question?


Yes, it's possible. Apps can be installed from multiple enterprise locations on the same device. Whilst I haven't been able to find a citable source, I have personal experience as I have apps from an enterprise organisation installed on my device as well as the SE iOS beta app which is distributed through enterprise.

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  • Can also say that I personally used signed apps from multiple enterprise sources on my iPhone at the same time without issue. Each one issues me a provisioning profile, viewable in Settings > General > Profiles, for their applications. They don't conflict. – Ian C. Aug 11 '14 at 16:49

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