Company A has an Apple Enterprise Developer account and distributes "in-house" iOS applications signed with its account key. Likewise, Company B does the same with its own in-house apps.

Is it possible to install a Company A enterprise-signed app and a Company B enterprise-signed app on the same iOS device? Or are iOS devices restricted to apps from at most one Enterprise Developer? Can someone point to Apple documentation that addresses this question?

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Yes, it's possible. Apps can be installed from multiple enterprise locations on the same device. Whilst I haven't been able to find a citable source, I have personal experience as I have apps from an enterprise organisation installed on my device as well as the SE iOS beta app which is distributed through enterprise.

  • Can also say that I personally used signed apps from multiple enterprise sources on my iPhone at the same time without issue. Each one issues me a provisioning profile, viewable in Settings > General > Profiles, for their applications. They don't conflict.
    – Ian C.
    Aug 11, 2014 at 16:49

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