In my previous question I had asked about backing up the content of the iPhone in order to un-jailbreak my iPhone.

I was told that simply synchronizing with iTunes should do the trick, and I did that. However I did not get a certain answer about the media.

When I had applied the jailbreak patch I recall it completely obliterating everything I had: contacts, logs, apps and even mp3s and such.

I fear that after applying the update to my iPhone all my music will be gone (it will still be on my computer, but transferring all those files again and setting up playlists is something that generally I wish to avoid)

So all in all, after applying the update to my iPhone, what happens to my music, playlists, photos, videos and voice memos?

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A normal update doesn't delete your content, but I don't think you can delete your jailbreak with an update. You can always try. If it fails, you'll have to restore. Then you'll lose your music and apps from the device. ;-)

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