The default tmux binding is ctrl+b, which is pretty awkward to hit on a Mac keyboard, because there's no right control. C-a was the default in screen, but that's the default in OS X for going to the beginning of a line (my shell uses vim mode, but it's inconvenient when ssh'd to other machines). You can't use alt as a meta key, and cmd+a is already used to select all text.

So - what are others using that doesn't override default OS X behavior that works well?

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    I think this question is too subjective and will not give you a satisfying answer. I for example don't find CTRL+b awkward to hit for example and other people might have different ideas than you about convenient keybindings. Commented Aug 10, 2014 at 23:05

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I've been using Ctrl+s for some time. It does not shadow any shell command I know of, and is quite convenient to hit if you also have CapsLock mapped to Ctrl (this can be done from within System Preferences->Keyboard->Modified Keys).


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