I just got a new macbook pro and I had to set up an Apple ID.

The computer took me through the steps to verify my Apple ID. It says it is verified, but not activated yet. How do I activate it?

When I want to download something from the App Store, it tells me:

This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store. Please review your account information.

When I click "review" it sends me through this process in which I have to agree to the "Terms and Conditions of the Apple Privacy Policy".

When I click the little box to agree to the terms and conditions, there is nothing left to do. It just sits on the screen and does not allow me to proceed or does not have an option to proceed. What am I supposed to do?

How can I activate my new Apple ID account in order to be able to download from the App Store?


If you've just created a new Apple ID, and it is giving you the message "This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store", it is because you have to set your billing and shipping address in your account information.

Login to appleid, go to "Payment & Shipping" and set your address for both Billing and Shipping.


Did you receive a verification email at the email address you set up as your AppleID? If not, log into https://appleid.apple.com using the email and the password you created. In there, you should have options on the screen to verify the email address if it is not already verified.


The resolution for me was to launch iTunes on my Mac, and sign in from the account menu there.

Have some patience and keep trying if it at first does nothing; I had to log in twice as clicking on the "Review" button on the first attempt did nothing.

I had to accept the terms of service and reenter my payment details, even though I had already done both these things from signing in to the Apple ID website.

In the final step of the log in wizard, I received an error message, but it appeared that nevertheless iTunes was logged in. I could then exit iTunes and launch the App Store, and I was prompted three times to log in, but I no longer received the error message instructing me to review my account information.

It seems that the third time was a charm, because it then displayed a welcome message. When you are signing up on a big day for server traffic, check the store status for outages as well: https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

(Cue here the obligatory grumble about this being an atrocious experience.)

  • thanks yes, the secret to get out of this loop is to launch itunes on the mac and sign in again - what a mess – bsautner Feb 5 at 18:28

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