I have just restored a Time Machine backup to a new disk, and I am finding that I need to re-enter scores of licenses for specific applications (while others seem to be retained without issue). Specifically, I am using RapidWeaver, and most of the Stacks require license keys. They must be stored somewhere, but I have yet to be able to determine the location. I would like to restore that directory from a backup to avoid countless hours of data re-entry.

Can someone point out where this information is stored? It doesn't have to be specific to RapidWeaver, even though that would be helpful. I just want to know where to look to be able to restore my previous keys, in order to save a bit of time.


It looks like the files I want are stored in \~Library\Preferences under each stack's specific plist file. I don't quite understand why none of them transferred over from the original backup, but I am hopeful they will copy over when I visit the Time Machine backup.


There's a built-in list of exclusions stored in /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd.bundle/Contents/Resources/StdExclusions.plist.

Also, apps can use a file's metadata to exclude it from backups. You can view this list of files by running the command:

sudo mdfind "com_apple_backup_excludeItem = 'com.apple.backupd'"

This works by changing the extended attribute com.apple.metadata:com_apple_backup_excludeItem.

Source: https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/25833/320223

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