Is it possible to manually define a custom icon on track in GarageBand? Having something like a usericon I see on web sites makes knowing whose track I'm editing much easier than having to read relatively small text with the person's name on it.


I found this eHow video. I couldn't get it to load on my computer (it's slow because I'm rendering video in FCE). I also found this article. I'm not sure if that'll help or not.

According to this article:

There is some code somewhere in GarageBand that allows you to expand the number of icons you can use. But dog if I know where it is. There are two things you can do, either spring for a JamPack and let it automatically expand your icons, or replace ugly or stupid icons (there are plenty) with the ones you want. As to the "How to", go to the link below and download my custom icons and directions to accomplish this. http://garritan.com/GPO-GarageBandPage.html Here is a direct link... http://garritan.com/support/GB_Icon_Set.zip To make your own icons, just open one of the triads in Photoshop and then save as a tif file.

As Wheat noted below, the links are dead, but you can download the icon set here (go Wayback Machine!) The other link is here on Wayback Machine.

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It is possible, but not easy. Its a bit of a hack.

Details are in this article.

  • I was hoping to have an answer other than this. I've come across this before, but I can't believe it's the best answer, predominately because of things like the feature I mention in my other GarageBand/iChat question. May 16 '11 at 1:24

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