So I have a MobileMe account. (Yes, I know that there are free alternatives; my wife hates change.)

So I post galleries of photos on MobileMe, and then from a computer I can either:

  • Log in to my MobileMe account as the owner, where I can see my gallery, and edit it (delete photos, etc.)

  • Go to the public, shared, gallery url, which allows me to view or download pics, but not edit the gallery, just like the folks I share the link with can.

But from my iPad, I can't really do either:

  • If I try to go to login to MobileMe (at me.com), the MobileMe site sees that I'm on a mobile device, and won't open, routing me instead to the app store to get the mobileme gallery app, which is for the iphone, and scales pictures in a totally ridiculous way on the ipad. There is no option to open the "normal" full website.

  • If I try to go to the shared gallery url from my iPad, I can see the pics, but the thumbnails on the side use some kind of web tech that the iPad doesn't have, so I cant scroll. I can only open the pics from the thumbnails that fit onto the ipad screen. (Yes, I tried two finger scrolling.)

Any ideas?

  • I, too have experienced these problems and am very disappointed with it. I have just purchased a year of subscription and am having serious doubts. The whole idea was to use a system that was universal. Now having paid over £600 for an iPad I find that I can't actually carry out the basics on MobileMe. I do hope someone can come up with an intelligent answer to our dilemma.
    – Trev Stuart
    Jan 10, 2011 at 9:57

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MobileMe Gallery App is now an universal app.


MobileMe Gallery App for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

  • This is the gallery app I referenced in the question- despite the name of the app, it is not a universal app, and the ipad version just scales up the iphone or runs in a tiny window.
    – Jaydles
    Sep 12, 2010 at 15:53

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