On OSX Maps, when I use my "Current Location" always resolves to the house next door.

This is easy enough to override, by never using my current location, but is there a way to make it know the real location of my Mac? Like reset Apples DB of where my Wifi is?


Not sure if they'll fix this sort of problem, but you could try reporting it through the "Report a Problem..." feature under the Apple Maps application menu. Not sure if it fits any of the listed problems but you could try using the "My problem is not listed" option.

  • Thanks, I actually just realised that they have the pin for my property listed at the wrong spot as well, so I've reported a problem about that as well. Maybe their algorithms would have worked better if that was correct. – sMoZely Aug 4 '14 at 20:53

There's not really a way of doing this. Apple does use croud-sourced data obtained from iPhones though: get an iPhone and let it get its location. Using GPS the iPhone will obtain an actual location, and as it can scan for Wi-Fi the data can be combined.

  • Thanks for the advice, yeah I've got a iPad and iPhone in the same house as well. But somehow its decided that I live in the house next door ... which is also empty, so I could just go squat there. – sMoZely Aug 4 '14 at 20:46

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