Not too sure how to describe this... but I saw this on a person's computer a cafe today and didn't get a chance to ask him what plugin/application he was using --

I think it best to illustrate with an example:

Say there's a directory with three folders, 'kitty', 'doggie', and 'frog'.

Typing cd f would make the letters rog appear after the 'f', but rog would be in a lighter color of text (a greyed color) -- it was a sort of "visible autocomplete", not sure what else to call it. Anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks.

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This is a feature of the fish shell (Friendly Interactive Shell).

Image of feature

fish's scripting syntax is also quite a bit different from bash and zsh's. If you use zsh, you can also try the zsh-autosuggestions plugin on Github.


There is also a plugin for oh-my-zsh: https://github.com/zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions. It explicitly aims at Fish-like functionality.


Sounds like like iTerm2 feature.

See this for complete list of Features including the Autocomplete and Highlighting.

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