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Safari's Show All Tabs view is pretty useless, it only shows one tab at a time and is fairly easy to trigger with an accidental pinch gesture. How do I turn it off (as least for the pinch gesture)?

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This is currently not possible. Apple does not provide a way to turn off this gesture.

Note that if you pinch out whilst still zoomed in slightly, the tab switcher is not invoked.


You can easily disable this by installing BetterTouchTool, and then for Safari adding a new Touchpad gesture for Pinch Out with no action.

Here's a screenshot:

Settings for BetterTouchTool to disable Safari pinch gesture

  • But then could you still zoom in and out of a web[age - or just zoom in? – MicroMachine Feb 28 at 20:30

Yes, you can disable it by going to System Settings → Trackpad → Scroll & Zoom and then uncheck the Zoom in or out box. Of course, by doing this, you also won't be able to pinch to zoom in and out on webpages and in other apps.

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