I'm using Apple mail with a fresh install of MacOS and I'm missing the Accept/Maybe/Decline buttons on calendar invites. My company uses a Exchange 2013 server and some other users do see the buttons. For me, I just see an email with an attached .ics file for the same invites.

Expected behavior seen by some people.... enter image description here

How my mail app shows it...

enter image description here


Open the Contacts app, select your own email address in the list of contacts. In the menu on top of the screen, go to "Card" -> "Make this my card". Reload calendar. Then it should work, you will get a notification popup with accept/decline buttons. (I just had the same problem, on a Mac running Yosemite) Source

  • It doesn't solve your problem of the ICS file showing up I think, but when you click the file, it will import the event into the calendar, and then you will have the other problem ;) – Phasma Sep 2 '15 at 15:30

I had the same issue. After searching forever to find a solution, I stumbled on an unrelated post that fixed the issue. Apparently, if your contact in the Contacts app doesn't have the same email address that you are trying to reply to/from, then you don't get those choices.

Basically, change your contact to be "me" in the Contacts application and they show up. Contacts>Card>Make this my card


on my iPhone:

The email address was already part of "my card". Still, I could not reply to ics-meetings copied to my calendar.

In General settings, Passwords & Accounts: make sure that "calendar" is also selected for the email account in question.

Initially, "calendar" was only selected for my iCloud account, but not all of my additional email accounts.

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