In Safari and the Notes app on iPhone, wherever there are strings of numbers they get linked and treated as phone numbers.

I'm sure there was a setting to turn this off but I cannot find it. Where is it?

(Note: I'm not asking for how to prevent this happening on web pages as in this question, just a setting for my phone.)

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It is currently not possible to disable the automatic linking for phone numbers, web addresses, and email addresses on iOS 7, and it never has been possible on previous iOS versions.


On iOS, the phone number auto-detection can be disabled on a per instance basis by enclosing the number with backticks (backquote, Grave Accent UTF-8 0x06).

The following example was tested in a Calendar event note:


The backtick ` can be reached by a press & hold on the single quote ' of the keyboard.

enter image description here

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