Using Mail.app, or exporting from same, is there a quick way to print all the emails from a single folder?

I have about 50 email messages in a folder and I need to print a copy of each one. I know I could

  • Open each email
  • Print it
  • Remove it from the tray (to conform it printing)
  • Repeat 50 times

That, however, seems super time consuming. I'd rather be able to

  • Somehow combine all the emails into a single document
  • Print that
  • Walk away

I know I can export to mbox, but I don't know of anyway to view a unified mbox as a single logical document (dealing with a combination of plain text, HTML formated, multi-part, attachments, etc)

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I tried your request:

I selected 50 emails, then choose Print under File Tab.

It took some time to generate the print files, but then it showed me print preview for 50 emails.


Without proceeding (do not want to waist my toner), I see there is no problem in printing 50 emails all at once.

  • That's pretty funny — I guess modern iOS/Web stuff has me trained to think something like that wouldn't work. Thanks! Jul 25, 2014 at 22:35

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