I have an issue with Finders window sizes. I know that the Finder saves the window size per directory, which REALLY drives me nuts!

I want to set one window size for the Finder. I totally lose it each time a folder opens in a narrow window and I have to adjust the size of the window, the sidebar and all columns before I can start working in my familiar environment...

Is there any way to disable the REALLY bad and ANNOYING behavior?

I know every single answer on google and StackExchange but there does not seem to be a solution.

So know I'm searching for a way to delete the folders window settings so that it might open in default size.

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I used this "trick" on Mountain Lion and it worked well for me.

Create a new folder on the Desktop (CMD+SHIFT+N), open it, select View-View Options (CMD+J), set the window to your desired size and type view (either icon or list view: I prefer the latter), select always open, and then click Use as Defaults button. That should retain your setting and every other folder you open for the first time should also inherit those settings.

Source (Apple Discussion)

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