I thought there was a menu entry in iPhoto to subscribe to RSS feeds.

I can't find it anymore. Is there still a way to do so in iPhoto 10 ?

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    Does pressing Command-key + U work? – Rob Jul 24 '14 at 6:09
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    Sadly, no... I guess the functionality disappeared, but I would like to be sure. – Laurent K Jul 24 '14 at 6:33

This appears to have been removed. There's no mention of it that I can find in Apple's support documentation or iPhoto help (⌘?) and the only reference to subscribing that I can find is subscribing to a Shared Photo Stream.

You can provide feedback to Apple regarding this here:

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  • I added a feature request. Without any great hope, but who knows ? Looks like RSS is a technology for dinosaurs. – Laurent K Jul 25 '14 at 10:19

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