After a switch to a new router, I frequently experience that all sites fail to resolve under Mavericks 10.9.4 on MBA mid-2011, both with Safari, Chrome and pinging google.com. It lasts for variable time, from few seconds to several minutes. Same for wifi and Ethernet.

However, during such outages:

  • repeated pings to works fine from OS X Terminal
  • sites open fine in Windows under Parallels if network is set as "Bridged", doesn't work when network is set to "Shared"
  • another Mac (MBP 2010) with OS X Mountain Lion resolves and opens sites just without a problem (checked by a script repeatedly pinging google.com) has the same problem as MBA
  • iPhone connected to the same wifi resolves and opens sites just fine

Switching back to my original router seems to solve the problem.

How to debug and resolve the problem?

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Turned out the root cause was problematic new router (Sercomm RV6688BCM in my case). After Internet provider replaced it with another instance of the same product, the problem resolved itself.

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